Collection of photographs

The collection of photographs encompasses the period from the XIXth century to the present: the most numerous works are those by Nenad Gattin (bestowed by Vinko Nikolić). Namely, Zadar is a city of photography where not long after the invention of photography the first traveling daguerreotypist made his appearance. Photography blossomed in Zadar in the second half of the XIXth century: „The only applied figurative art production in Zadar under Austrian rule which reached the level of the phenomena in the Central European area was photography. Zadar photography was dominant within the framework of Dalmatia.“ The initiation of the international exhibition Man and the Sea as well as the activity of the masters of photography, Ante and Zvonimir Brkan inscribed Zadar onto the photographic map of the world. Their house and atelier in Varoška street was the intellectual and creative center of Zadar around which was formed, in the destroyed city, the Zadar cultural circle of the 1950s.