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The Department of Zadar City Museum was founded on January 1, 1960 as an independent legal entity; afterwards in December 1962 it was integrated into National Museum Zadar under the name the Cultural-Historical Department. When the Republic of Croatia became independent a reorganization of National Museum Zadar took place. Two departments, the Cultural-Historical Department and the Department of the Working Class Movement, of the National Liberation War and of Socialist Reconstruction (abbreviated as the Department of the Revolution), were joined into The Department of Zadar City Museum.

The Department of Zadar City Museum is located in the building which up to the time of Napoleon was the monastery of St. Krševan, transformed later into a boarding school, than into an elementary school and afterwards into an economic tekhnikum. The building was destroyed during the WWII Allies’ bombardment and was rebuilt in 1962. to accommodate the Department of Zadar City Museum.

The Department of Zadar City Museum collects the cultural assets that have been created from the end of the XIIIth century to the present day; the material is divided into the cultural-historical collection and the collection of more recent history.

The first museum material were stone fragments separated from the lapidarium of the Archeological Museum in Zadar (since 1897 an integral part of the National Museum ,that is, of the National Museum of the Realm of Dalmatia -Museo Nazionale Regio Dalmata founded in 1832).

During the last half-century the cultural-historical collection has gathered the following holdings of museum material: old majolica, glass, furniture, portraits, old photographs, old postcards, tiny utensils, weapons, maquettes etc.. The collection devoted to more recent history has brought together flags, photographs from the National Liberation war, documents, publications, weapons, posters, badges etc..

Four permanent exhibitions are constantly on display: The urban development of Zadar from antiquity to WWI, The Renaissance in Zadar –an exhibition of figurative arts and architecture in the XVth and XVth century, Memories of a Zadar of the past – an exhibition of period furniture from Zadar from the XVIIth to the XIXth century and the exhibition of Zadar portraits from the XVIIIth and XIXth century.

The Department gave 35 excellent works of art as a permanent loan to the Permanent Exhibition of Church Art in Zadar (SICU) for its permanent display.

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Department of Zadar City Museum

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