Regional ethnographic collection Veli Iž

This collection came into being through the dedication of local individuals who in 1975, with the assistance and cooperation of the Ethnographic Department of National Museum Zadar, mounted an exhibition from the items given as gifts which exclusively belonged to the local ethnographic material. The collection is located in the one-time summer house of the Zadar noble family Fanfogna from the XVIIIth century. The exhibition is arranged on the ground floor and on two floors of the building and in a very picturesque fashion conjures up the life of one-time Iž in all of its segments. Going by the variety of the material it is a unique example on the Dalmatian islands (the kitchen with all of its equipment, costumes, weaver’s tools, the techniques and handiwork using wool, flax, and cotton, shoe-making, local and imported pottery, the culture of dwelling, tilling the earth, fishing, stock raising, the organization of the family community and religious and folk customs).
In 1994 the collection was integrated into National Museum Zadar.

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Regional Ethnographic Collection, Veli Iž

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