The mobile application “Zadar Walking Guide” respects the privacy of its users. It will not give any of the data obtained from the process of receiving discount for museum admission tickets, as well as any other information about the user, to any third party. The data about the user will not be accessible to any third party except in the case of legal regulation of such obligation.

“Zadar Walking Guide” can, according to the law, collect certain data about the users obtained during the use of application (exclusively data about the device and the internet provider). The service provider uses this data to gain information that could improve the application and additionally direct and adjust its contents to the public that uses it.

“Zadar Walking Guide” application commits to protect the privacy of its users, except in the case of extreme violation of the application's rules or illegal user activity.

Internet abuse and sending unsolicited e-mails

Zadar Walking Guide believes in the internet world free from abuse of our users through unsolicited electronic messages (SPAM) and we will do everything in our power to by all legally available means stop the individuals, companies and organizations who thusly abuse the internet at the cost of us, the service providers, and you, our users.

Zadar Walking Guide will under no circumstances send you e-mail newsletters which you did not subscribe for through our application, so that you can use your electronic mailboxes for saving and checking useful e-mails only. We will mention a few details which should show you how safe your data really is.

Your e-mail addresses

Zadar Walking Guide application does not store your e-mail addresses. Zadar Walking Guide does not use your e-mail addresses for sending newsletters or any other information. Zadar Walking Guide uses your e-mail address solely as an identifier for our partners who are providing discount when selling tickets. Your e-mail address is being forwarded exclusively to the e-mail addresses of four museums, the application's partners.

Sending information through contact form for obtaining discount

The data obtained from the user is used in good faith, for the purposes it has been given for and it is not intended for any third party except for our museum partners to meet their needs, thereby, it can be delivered to a third party only with the user’s permission or in cases regulated by law.